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Conflict Assessment & Coaching

We assess your organization's current conflict management practices and measure how much it’s costing your organization and identify areas for improvement.

We use Resologics Conflict Calculator to estimate the solid $ costs of unproductive conflict on your organization. Its outputs are based on industry-based research and your custom answers.

Costs Measured Includes:

Easily Measured Solid Costs

Wasted time, wasted opportunity, lost time - due to absenteeism, lost opportunity - due to absenteeism, staff turnover related, legal support and non-legal support.

Difficult to Measure Solid Costs

Bad press and marketing issues, degraded decision quality, lowered job motivation and productivity, health of employee's costs, quality of work or service, market entry delay, reputation; clients & public, reputation; employees & prospective employees, hiring difficulty, and creativity lost or reduced.

Nearly Impossible to Measure Soft Costs

Stress, frustration, and anxiety, strained relationships, increased client complaints, diminished funding potential, diminished team morale, and customer service reduced quality.

Workplace conflict is normal and inevitable. However, the real question is how is your organization dealing with it and whether or not you and your team are experiencing positive or negative outcomes as a result of it.


We are certified to administer both the TKI Conflict Modes and Belbin Team Role Inventory assessment tools. These are effective tools to gain insights into individuals, teams, or entire organizations. The results of these assessments can be used to develop training programs, create conflict management policies, set up mediation schemes and track progress over time.

At your request, the results of the assessments are followed up by one-on-one coaching that would take place in-person and/or on-line. The competency-based coaching will support participants to expand self-awareness and increase emotional intelligence. This is an invaluable resource providing your people with advice and support.

If you are interested in learning more about how the TKI Conflict Modes and/ or Belbin Team Role Inventory can help your organization, please contact Walker Institute. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and how these assessments can help you improve your conflict management skills and create more effective teams.

Here are some specific benefits of using the TKI© Conflict Modes and Belbin©Team Role Inventory in your organization:

  • Increased self-awareness: You will gain a better understanding of your own conflict-handling style and team role.

  • Improved conflict management skills: You will learn how to use different conflict-handling styles effectively and resolve conflict in a constructive way.

  • Increased productivity: You will be able to work more effectively with others and achieve your goals.

  • Improved team dynamics: You will be able to build stronger teams and achieve your goals more effectively.

  • Reduced stress: You will be able to manage conflict more effectively and reduce stress levels.

Other Services


Conflict Workshops

We offer a variety of conflict workshops, seminars, and online courses. Our trainings are interactive and hands-on based on simulations and case studies. Participants learn our step-by-step resolution processes and the language to communicate differences respectfully, 'argue better’ and handle difficult conversations productively.


Conflict Assesment and Coaching

We assess your organization's current conflict management practices and measure how much it’s costing your organization and identify areas for improvement.

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Pilot Programs

We design and implement pilot programs to explore conflict management and leadership approaches.



We offer conflict management and leadership retreats for organizations that want to create a workplace environment with a strong dialogue culture.



As persons of trust, we mediate disputes between individuals or groups in the workplace. We are credentialed and certified mediators with extensive experience in mediating workplace disputes.

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